Travel Stories by Uriel Heilman

Skiing for Two
After two flawed attempts, the author finally perfects the couples ski trip in the snowy mountains of Montana.

Summer Travel: Maine attraction
The Cliff House Resort & Spa is close enough to the ocean for you to see it, smell it and hear it. And if you're willing to clamber across boulders, you can touch it and taste it, too.

Exploring Jewish Philadelphia
Full of historic sites, magnificent museums, trendy nightspots and beautiful neighborhoods, Philadelphia is affordable, walkable and reachable in time for Shabbat dinner.

The challenge of a skier's intermarriage
When a skier marries a non-skier, how does the couple go on vacation together? Uriel Heilman struggles with that question on the slopes of Vermont.

Comfortable in Vermont's Outdoors
Uriel Heilman discovers little kids don't necessarily put a crimp in an outdoors vacation at a picture-perfect spot in Vermont.

Secrets in the Poconos
The author finds some pleasant surprises close to home in the beautiful hills of the Poconos.

Hawaiian Honeymoon
Honeymooning on Hawaii is not just sun, sand and surf. It's also an outdoors island adventure.

Weekending in Washington
When visiting our nation's capital, the most important thing to remember is to make choices--something those DC politicians aren't always good at doing.

Ski you there - in Colorado
In a winter when snow in Europe fails, Uriel Heilman decides it's time to rediscover the majesty of Colorado.

Summer in New England
Vermont, New Hampshire and the Maine coast offer delightful end-of-summer getaways from the big-city bustle.

Axum's ancient treasures
Athens, Rome, Jerusalem... Axum? Ethiopia fights for a place in the pantheon of ancient empires.

Sweet Swiss Surprise
Hint: It's not chocolate. Heilman finds that a European ski vacation need not break the bank to be a pleasure.

Evolution, Up Close and Personal
Uriel Heilman swims with the fishes in the Galapagos and reaches new heights on Ecuador's mammoth volcanoes.

The Lion King
Heilman explores Kenya's famed Masai Mara National Reserve on safari, and finds that the animals are not so different than you and me.

Rocky Mountain Highs
Serenity is not hard to find in the idyll of the Rocky Mountains in late winter.

Seattle in my Sights
What do snow-capped mountains, rainforests, cheese and coffee have in common? They're all within reach of a weekend in Seattle and Vancouver Island.

Olde New England
The luxury of taking a break from it all in a cozy inn in Western Mass.

Jerusalem hotels struggle to win back tourists
Exhausted by three years of fighting, one Jerusalem hotel takes advantage of a lull to win back tourists to the Holy Land.

2001: A Utah Skiing Odyssey
Heilman samples some of the competitive terrain before the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah.

At Home Abroad
Despite the violence in the Middle East, Israel remains a place where one can find not only normalcy, but plenty of luxury.

Taking Time Out at Tahoe
Skiing the Sierras above the Nevada desert and one of the nation's highest, and most beautiful, lakes is nothing less than heavenly.