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Speech Topics

Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya: Will Popular Uprisings Remake the Middle East?
The uprisings that toppled the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt are reverberating from Tripoli to Tehran. What do these dramatic changes mean for the region, and how will they affect Israel's strategic calculus and its relationships in the Mideast?

Should Israel go it Alone? The ghettoization of the Jewish state
From Israel's relationship with Washington to its stances on Iran and the Palestinians, Israel appears increasingly isolated on the world stage. What should Israel do about the ghettoization of the Jewish state?

Is Journalism Kosher?
Is ethical journalism possible, and if so, how can it be practiced? Do Jewish values such as the prohibition against lashon harah necessarily clash with effective journalism? Uriel Heilman shares some of journalism's ethical dilemmas and how they influence the Jewish newsroom.

Out of Africa: The End of Ethiopian Aliya?
Uriel Heilman returns from Ethiopia with news of how the effort to bring Ethiopia's Falash Mura to Israel got caught up in Israel-Diaspora politics and the question of who is a Jew.

How to Defend Israel
With Israel demonized in the media, on campus and in public discourse, learn some effective strategies for debunking anti-Israel myths, tactics for winning debates about the conflict, and facts about Israel that should make you proud.

Israel and its PR Problem
With Israel's opponents stepping up the campaign to paint it as a pariah state, is there anything Israel can do to boost its international image?