Magazine Articles by Uriel Heilman

The State of Aliyah

Small State, Big Medicine: Israel Emerges as a Global Force in the Health Field

Israel's first responders: Helping global victims... and Israel's image

Reluctant Exiles: Jews from North Africa and the Mideast

Commuting the Israel-Diaspora divide

Iran in Latin America: Serious Threat or Axis of Annoyance?

Is an Israeli energy revolution in the offing?

Israel's uphill battle at the UN

Tel Aviv at 100

Getting Israel's message across

Israeli woman gaining, but equality remains elusive

The Negev's 21st-century pioneers

Jerusalem struggles with its numerous divides

The flipside of Israel-Diaspora relations

Israel and the Diaspora: A Growing, Difficult Bridge to Gap

Israel at 60: A Different Country than Planned

Israel's water deficit: Shortages threaten economy, security

Poverty in Israel: Government, nonprofits confront new enemy

Who are the Falash Mura?

A River Runs Through Them: Re-Examining Jordan-Israel Ties
The enemy of my enemy: Israel, Jordan in a rough neighborhood
Spitting in that cup of sugar: Anti-Israel sentiment in Jordan
The ‘Palestinian question´ on both sides of the Jordan
Jordan´s Palestinian refugee camps: Check your stereotypes at the door
(JTA, October 2006)

Southern Israel Under Fire: A Special Report
After Gaza pullout, border zone is on the front line, more than ever
Rocket threat turns idyllic town into frightened refuge by the sea
(JTA, May 2006)

Special Report: The Fate of the Falash Mura
(JTA, February 2005)

A place among the nations
(Jerusalem Post Magazine, June 2005) Sidebar: Finally, a good year

Distant Relations: Report from Ethiopia
(Jerusalem Post Magazine, April 2005) Sidebars: But are they Jews? The long journey to the Promised Land
Falash Mura aid group resumes some services

Beyond Dogma
(Jerusalem Post Magazine, February 2005) Sidebar: Pluralism in practice

The Boxer
(Jerusalem Post Magazine, February 2005) Sidebar: Boxing Jews

Non-academic debate
(Jerusalem Post Magazine, December 2004) Related: A lesson in academic politics

Where are the Jews?
(Jerusalem Post Magazine, November 2004) Sidebar: Making sense of US Jewish organizations

The businessman mayor

A journalist and a Jew

Orthodox and Gay: Conversations outside of the closet

Suing for Justice: Victims Take the War on Terrorism to the Courtroom (Moment Magazine, June 2003)

Single, Successful and Solitary (Jerusalem Post Magazine, May 2003)

New shul or bust

The frum farm

Maine-stream community (Jerusalem Post Magazine, November 2002)

Argentina: A Crisis-Stricken Community Struggles with Survival (Jerusalem Post Magazine, April 2002)

The unorthodox Hasidim

Murder on the Brooklyn Bridge

Mission Impossible: 'Normal Life' on the Lebanon Border (Long Island Jewish World, September 2000)

Putting Down Roots