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Funding investigative journalism is one of the most cost-efficient ways to effect change, from influencing government policies to bringing overlooked issues into the public eye to forcing change by unresponsive groups, corporations or individuals.

There are a number of investigative projects I am working on that require additional funding to move forward. Sometimes, small amounts can make a significant difference. If you would like to discuss funding one of my projects, or contributing to a general fund for investigative journalistic projects, please click on the box below:
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Please note: We do not accept funding from sources with any potential for a conflict of interest.

Here are some examples of my investigative work in the past:

Out of Africa: The battle over Ethiopian aliya
A special investigation by The Jerusalem Post has discovered thousands of heretofore unknown potential olim in the Ethiopian hinterlands, posing a potentially serious problem for Israel's plans to end mass Ethiopian aliya by the end of 2007. Here in the sun-baked fields of western Ethiopia, miles from the closest road and in a place where daily life has changed little from the way things were a thousand years ago, lies what could be Israel's next big immigration dilemma.

* Winner of the 2006 Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Comprehensive Coverage or Investigative Reporting (American Jewish Press Association)

Who Controls the Claims' Conference's billions?*
The small group behind the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany controls the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in Holocaust restitution money. Making allocations largely free of public scrutiny, this exclusive club sends millions of dollars to fund Yiddish theater troupes, the Birthright Israel program and the installation of sprinkler systems in Israeli nursing homes but allows survivors from Moscow to Miami to live in penury. This special award-winning JTA series, called "Allocating Justice," looks at who controls the money, where it comes from and where it goes.
Claims Conf. grants questioned as new allocations raise eyebrows
The Claims Conference club: 24 members oversee billions
With money from Jewish assets, claims group allocates carefully
Claims group manages billions

* Winner of a first-prize Simon Rockower award, the 2005 Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Comprehensive Coverage or Investigative Reporting (American Jewish Press Association)