Grant Writing

Hiring an experienced grant writer is one of the most financially astute decisions a nonprofit can make. By outsourcing the labor-intensive process of writing the grant and putting it into the hands of a professional, you free up your staff to focus on its core competencies, ensure that your request for funding is professional and as good as it can possibly be, and save by spending a relatively small sum on a potentially exponential payoff.

Hiring a professional grant writer makes sense even for start-up nonprofits with little money, both because writing grants is one of the least expensive ways to raise initial funding and because a professional grant writer will ensure that your entree into the foundation world is marked not by mediocrity or disarray but by a clear sense of purpose, strategy and conviction.

Clients have included:

Dor Chadash New York, New York

Parallel Lives Israel

Jewish Children's Museum Brooklyn, New York

California Insitute for Rural Health Management Oakland, California

Himmelfarb School Jerusalem, Israel

Lompoc Healthcare District Lompoc, California

Award amounts have ranged from approximately $30,000 to more than $100,000.

Funders for these and other clients have included the following sources:
  • Government (federal and state)
  • Foundations
  • Jewish federations
  • Jewish community sources
To learn more about leveraging proven experience for grant requests to governmental, foundation, and institutional funders, please write to