Stories about the Falash Mura in Ethiopia

By Uriel Heilman

Israel OKs another 8,000 Ethiopian immigrants—but these may be the last


Who are the Falash Mura?


Campaign to bring thousands more Falash Mura gains steam

New signs that Ethiopian aliyah will resume

Israel begins verification for 3,000 more Ethiopians

Falash Mura aliyah ends -- sort of

Weeks away from aliyah's end, Falash Mura backers want more

UJC builds school in Ethopia

As Ethiopian aliyah nears end, advocates push for 8,500 more

Pressure on Ethiopian government leads to reopening of aid compound

Finally in the Jewish state, some Falash Mura turning to Jesus

Is Israel capping Ethiopian aliyah? Some Falash Mura petitions denied

Aid request for 8,000 Falash Mura prompts concern of endless aliyah

Falash Mura supporters hail vote to keep monthly immigration steady

U.S. activists outraged as Israel proposes cutting Falash Mura aliyah

Delays on Falash Mura aliyah leave U.S. groups frustrated and impatient

Arrest of Ethiopian aid official raises concern for Falash Mura fate

Falash Mura aid group resumes some services as conflict nears end

Exclusive: Falash Mura enclave threatens Ethiopian aliya cap

Exclusive: Jewish compound in Addis Ababa may reopen

American Jewish aid group in Ethiopia accused of denying food to Falash Mura

Progress on Falash Mura seen closer as advocates and Israeli officials meet

Special JTA Series (2006)

Ethiopians wait to immigrate as Israel, U.S. Jews plan their future

Mission to Ethiopia confounds and commits federation leaders

From simplicity to modernity: The journey from Africa to Zion

Falash Mura immigration stalled by cost, doubt over Jewish identity

Final list of Falash Mura olim hampered by inefficiency, abuse

Fleeing famine and fighting: How Ethiopians got to Israel

Special Report in the Jerusalem Post (2005)

Distant relations

But are they Jews?

The long journey to the Promised Land


Jewish doctor in Ethiopia hailed in new book, film

Jewish M.D. in Ethiopia moonlights at Mother Teresa’s mission clinic

Axum's ancient treasures

Jewish presence still persists in remote highlands of Ethiopia

JDC: Emergency funds to Falash Mura

US Jews: $100 M for Ethiopian aliya

Exclusive: Ethiopian gov't kicks out key US Jewish aid group

Obituary: Don't wait too long

Ethiopian-Israeli kids turn to music as a way of staying off mean streets