Award-Winning Stories by Uriel Heilman

Winner of the 2007 David Frank Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles
(American Jewish Press Association)

Jewish M.D. in Ethiopia moonlights at Mother Teresa’s mission clinic
Making diagnoses on the fly, taking sick kids home and nursing them back to health, and never stopping to work, Hodes represents the last, best hope for Ethiopia’s neglected legions of malaria patients, cancer victims, AIDS orphans and tuberculosis sufferers.

Winner of the 2006 Rockower Award for Excellence in Comprehensive Coverage / Investigative Reporting (American Jewish Press Association)

Distant Relations: Israel's Falash Mura Dilemma
Deep in the heart of Ethiopia's hinterlands lies what is turning out to be Israel's next great immigration dilemma: Unknown thousands of Ethiopians claiming to be Beta Israel -- descendents of Ethiopian Jews. These Ethiopians, along with thousands of Falash Mura already petitioning for permission to immigrate to the Jewish state, represent a complex challenge for Israel's immigration authorities. This award-winning Jerusalem Post investigation seeks to answer the questions of who are the Falash Mura, how many of them are there, and how is Israel going to deal with them.
But are they Jews?
The long journey to the Promised Land
Falash Mura aid group resumes some services as conflict nears end

Winner of the 2005 Boris Smolar Award for Excellence in Comprehensive Coverage or Investigative Reporting (American Jewish Press Association)

Who Controls the Claims' Conference's billions?
The select group behind the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany controls the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in Holocaust restitution money. Making allocations largely free of public scrutiny, this group sends hundreds of millions every year to fund everything from meals-on-wheels programs in the former Soviet Union to a Yiddish theater troupe in Israel. This special award-winning JTA series, called "Allocating Justice," looks at who controls the money, where it comes from and where it goes.
The Claims Conference club: 24 members oversee billions
With money from Jewish assets, claims group allocates carefully
< Claims group manages billions

Winner of the 2004 Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in News Reporting (American Jewish Press Association)

Whitefish salad and bison beef at annual kosher food trade show

Society of Professional Journalists Honorable Mention for Excellence in Reporting (1999)

FBI adds agents to Halberstam inquiry