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The State of Aliyah

Houston families join the migration to Israel

No surprises in Putin victory, but question for Russian Jews is what comes next

On skeleton, N.J.’s Bradley Chalupski hopes to sled for Israel at Olympics

Houston the new OU epicenter?

Israeli redneck Arieh O’Sullivan gets his Confederate stripes

Good cop advocacy marked Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi’s The Israel Project

Orthodox Union has found solution to Orthodoxy’s problems: Houston

Alexander Levin’s got a name (and cash), but does he have a plan?

Obama assassination column raises question: Why do some Jews see Obama as so sinister?

Netanyahu denies saying Israel’s biggest enemies are N.Y. Times, Haaretz


Where do Israeli haredim stand on haredi violence?

In a remote New Mexico valley, a Jewish skiing legacy at Taos

Israel's first responders: Helping global victims... and Israel's image

At Reform biennial, energy, Obama and handwringing over the next generation

Can Reform Jews be politically conservative? Yes, say the ‘1 percent’

Eric Yoffie: The exit interview

At Reform biennial, changes at the top, but focus on the grass roots

Ad campaign flare-up obscures bigger challenge: Luring home Israeli expats

At GA, new federation plan for overseas seen as blow to Jewish Agency

At Denver GA, talking about connectivity and the lack of star power

Israeli Cabinet approves Shalit deal

The Jewish effort at the U.N.: Bang or bust?

In U.N. speeches, Abbas, Netanyahu trade charges of ‘ethnic cleansing’

Dept. of Remembrance: Watching over the 9/11 dead with shmira

After Gadhafi’s fall in Libya, is Syria’s Assad next?

A primer on Palestinian statehood

Small State, Big Medicine: Israel Emerges as a Global Force in the Health Field

Inside Empire’s slaughterhouse: The life of a kosher chicken

Norway attacks spotlight far-right outreach to Jews, Israel

Heilman’s Week in Review: Boycotts, embassy attacks, tragedy in Brooklyn

Is the era of national surveys of American Jews at an end?

Heilman’s Week in Review: Weiner, Burning man, Syria revelations

Reporters’ Notebook: AIPAC 2011

Bibi to Congress: No compromise on Jerusalem, refugees or Jordan River presence

Is Obama charting a new course on Israeli-Palestinian issues?

With border breaches, has the Arab Spring reached Israel?

Bin Laden’s killing raises immediate questions of security

Israel taking Holocaust restitution into its own hands

Wanted: U.S. claimants of Holocaust-era assets in prestate Israel

Reluctant Exiles: Jews from North Africa and the Mideast

In unusual U.S. visit, Israeli Knesset members try listening

After bombshell Op-Ed, questions for Richard Goldstone and Israel

New violence suggests end of lull between Israel and militant Palestinians

For new Reform leader Richard Jacobs, big tent movement is the idea

Japan disaster and Itamar killings put Jewish giving on the spot

Expanding its presence in Africa, Chabad faces unique challenges

Charlie Sheen, John Galliano and the Jews

For J Streeters, pro-Palestinian is pro-Israel

Arab unrest alters power balance in as yet unseen ways

First Tunisia, then Egypt: Which Mideast autocracy will be next to fall?

Mubarak’s fall heralds new power player in the Mideast: the Arab street


Palestinians gain ground in PR, diplomatic war

Israel OKs another 8,000 Ethiopian immigrants—but these may be the last

17 charged in $42.5 million fraud at Claims Conference

Commuting the Israel-Diaspora divide

Like NBA’s Nets, European Jewish group gets an oligarch, but some see Soviet-style takeover

Orthodox unsure how to react to anti-gay violence, discrimination

Why Israel allowed the settlement freeze to expire

Israel’s cooperation on U.N. inquiry signals tactical shift

Israel tries to lure major banks to expand its R&D

Campaign to bring thousands more Falash Mura gains steam

Netanyahu hints at flexibility on Jerusalem

Can Kutsher’s, the Catskills’ last kosher resort, be saved?

Iran in Latin America: Serious Threat or Axis of Annoyance?

Flotilla fallout becomes rallying cry for U.S. Jews

Jewish doctor in Ethiopia hailed in new book, film

Deja vu in Ahmadinejad performance at U.N.

Impact of proposed Israeli conversion law under debate

Kyrgyz shul attacked amid upheaval

Is an Israeli energy revolution in the offing?

Book on Israeli start-ups bolsters Israel's image

If sanctions on Iran haven't worked, why bother again?

Bernard Lander, Touro founder, dies at 94

Will Israel’s response to Goldstone be enough?

Israeli aid effort helps Haitians—and Israel’s image

Skiing for Two


Israel's uphill battle at the UN

The Mofaz plan: State now, ask questions later

Obama shifts to Israel’s corner, but tries not to show it

In do-over on Goldstone, Human Rights Council ignores Hamas

New signs that Ethiopian aliyah will resume

Victory for Israel in Goldstone delay, fury among Palestinians

What’s next for the Goldstone report?

Two schools in Argentina provide model for Jewish education

The price of waiting for indictments in Olmert, Lieberman cases

Michael Oren: Living the Zionist dream—in Washington

Tel Aviv at 100

Schneider: Restitution money is running out, and Europe needs to step up

Israel begins verification for 3,000 more Ethiopians

Summer Travel: Maine attraction

Getting Israel's message across

Exploring Jewish Philadelphia

Election of new president poses dilemma for South African Jews

Israeli women gaining, but equality remains elusive

Q&A with Gabriela Shalev, Israel's first female U.N. ambassador

Peres, the optimist

Taking office, Netanyahu continues balancing act

Labor joining Bibi: Kosher stamp or fig leaf?

Secret emigration effort for Yemenite Jews imperiled

What will Bibi’s government look like?

Parsing the Israeli vote

Inside the mind of the Israeli voter

Livni scores surprise win, but not clear victory

Election comes at pivotal moment in Israeli history

The challenge of a skier's intermarriage

The Negev's 21st-century pioneers


Israeli candidates stump before U.S. Jews

Jerusalem elects secular mayor

Jerusalem struggles with its numerous divides

The flipside of Israel-Diaspora relations

Plenty of heat but little movement as Ahmadinejad caps U.S. visit

Olmert resigns with signature policy initiatives unfinished

Getting comfortable in Vermont's outdoors

Publicly and privately, Jewish groups plan to press Iran issue at U.N.

Jews recall Musharraf ties and wonder what comes next

Israel and the Diaspora: A Growing, Difficult Bridge to Gap

Secrets in the Poconos

Major phase of Ethiopian aliyah ends, but advocates want more

As Dead Sea shrinks, concerns for future grow

Who will succeed Olmert, and how long will he or she last?

Olmert's resignation plunges Israel into era of uncertainty

Timing of swap a bitter reminder of 2006 war's failures

Do multiple negotiating fronts signal new strategy for Israel?

Weeks away from aliyah's end, Falash Mura backers want more

Beleaguered Olmert receives tepid response to AIPAC remarks

Music from Israel striking chord with Jews in U.S.

Israel at 60: A Different Country than Planned

Since pullout, Gaza problem has shifted, not disappeared

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Israel's water deficit: Shortages threaten economy, security


UJC builds school in Ethopia as Israel winds down aliyah

As Ethiopian aliyah nears end, advocates push for 8,500 more

New Israel Fund stands by message

Poverty in Israel: Government, nonprofits confront new enemy

Sudanese refugees pose Israeli dilemma

A lamentation on Tisha B'Av

Will leaders' talk lead to action?

Cooking up fresh ideas in Jerusalem

West Bank Palestinians avoid Gaza

Who are the Falash Mura?

Weekending in Washington

Pelosi in Israel touts security through strength, diplomacy

Pressure on Ethiopian government leads to reopening of aid compound

Ski you there - in Colorado

Finally in the Jewish state, some Falash Mura turning to Jesus

From challah to matzah, rebbetzin aids Jerusalem poor

Is Israel capping Ethiopian aliyah? Some Falash Mura petitions denied

For French politicians, Israel visit offers more nuanced view of region

Holy land grab: Development changing face of Jewish state

Sderot's residents suffer through rocket fire as they wait for Israel to solve Gaza problem

Aid request for 8,000 Falash Mura prompts concern of endless aliyah


For author of settlement report, hope is to spark moral reckoning

Coalition calls on Claims Conference for larger Israeli share of funds, power

‘Better than pork, isn’t it?’ Jewish joke book turns 25

Falash Mura supporters hail vote to keep monthly immigration steady

Jewish M.D. in Ethiopia moonlights at Mother Teresa’s mission clinic

The enemy of my enemy: Israel, Jordan in a rough neighborhood

Spitting in that cup of sugar: Anti-Israel sentiment in Jordan

The ‘Palestinian question´ on both sides of the Jordan

Jordan´s Palestinian refugee camps: Check your stereotypes at the door

After Lebanon War, Israel looks with fresh eyes at Golan Heights

For Druse, status of Golan Heights evokes hope — along with anxiety

U.S. activists outraged as Israel proposes cutting Falash Mura aliyah

Fear, loathing and respect in Mideast: Arab countries’ mixed feelings on Iran

Labor Day Getaways in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine

Hope and anger fill Arab street in wake of Israel-Hezbollah war

Young professional U.S. Jews gather for volunteer trip to Israel

As Hezbollah rockets kill their sons, many Israeli Arabs still blame Israel

Despite war toll, some Christians in Lebanon support Israel’s goals

War in North leaves deep scar on Israel’s forests and wildlife

Nowhere to Run - Israel's Grim Defense Facts

Aiming to shift focus, WJC drops defamation suit against chief critic

Leb bombs end Queens family's dream life

Arab rulers stay out of fray as Shi’ites and Zionists battle it out

Lebanese Seek Refuge in Cyprus From Israeli Bombs

Floridians fleeing Lebanon find a haven in Cyprus

In Israel’s North, hotels are empty, while the South reaps the benefits

As fighting goes on, European Jews worry about waning support for Israel

Delays on Falash Mura aliyah leave U.S. groups frustrated and impatient

Rockets raining down on Sderot take their toll on schools and kids

Western freeze on Hamas-led P.A. is hindering aid work, nonprofits say

Rocket Rumble

Drug bust of Americans teens at Israeli school still felt at home

Arrest of Ethiopian aid official raises concern for Falash Mura fate

Israel junket courts the cool kids with party tour for foreign journalists

Rocket threat turns idyllic town into frightened refuge by the sea

After Gaza pullout, border zone is on the front line, more than ever

Axum's ancient treasures

Drug bust of U.S. teens in Israel spotlights Jewish drug problem

Wary of Olmert’s unilateralism, Palestinians don’t feel optimistic

Jewish presence still persists in remote highlands of Ethiopia

Fleeing famine and fighting: How Ethiopians got to Israel

Final list of Falash Mura olim hampered by inefficiency, abuse

Falash Mura immigration stalled by cost, doubt over Jewish identity

From simplicity to modernity: The journey from Africa to Zion

Mission to Ethiopia confounds and commits federation leaders

Ethiopians wait to immigrate as Israel, U.S. Jews plan their future

Sweet Swiss surprise

Israelis take Hamas win in stride

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Evolution, up close and personal

Claims Conference faces critics

Shh! Don't tell them it's aliya

2,000 pack Times Sq. for Gaza rally

The enigma of Jeff Goldblum

The lion king

JDC: Emergency funds to Falash Mura

Donors raise up to $4m for Israel

America: Controlling Iraq's damage (column)

A matter of priorities

$1.5b Medinol trial opens

A place among the nations

Finally, a good year

Paper error causes Canadian readers to cry foul

America: Presumed guilty (column)

Ismar Schorsch to retire as JTS chancellor

Dual-loyalty bias worries US Jews

Annan backs call by US Congress for UN to fight anti-Semitism

Activist claims golden opportunity to free Lebanese War MIAs is now

ADL honors Turkish PM with award

Diaspora Big Apple: The death of the big idea? (column)

US Jews: $100 M for Ethiopian aliya

US office focuses on Palestinian terror

5th Avenue goes blue-and-white for salute to Israel parade

7 days Diaspora: Sunday in the park (column)

Diaspora: Now I remember you (column)

Abbas, Jewish officials meet

PM to Abbas: Let's coordinate pullout

Rice to AIPAC: Abbas must rein in terror

Sharon heckled during NYC address

US Jews plan show of support for PM

7 Days: America (Bloomberg) (column)

Israel to support Qatar's UN bid

Exclusive: Ethiopian gov't kicks out key US Jewish aid group

MKs seek US advice on constitution

The globalized Zionist

7 Days: Diaspora (Yom Hashoah) (column)

Jews have mixed views of UN conference

American Jews mostly support Bolton

7 Days: Diaspora (The biggest Pessah ever) (column)

From Iraq to Korea, US GI's do Pessah

The dean of Orthodoxy

Kraft aims to bolster civil discourse

International protests highlight Iran's abuses

7 Days: Good for the Jews? (column)

Arab Bank funded Hamas, al-Qaida

Elton John raises money for needy Israeli students

Israeli developer agrees to preserve NY hotel

Qatar seeks Israel's support at UN

Influential Jews? (column)

US anti-disengagement forces mobilize

Poll: US Jews agree with Israelis on disengagement

Distant relations

But are they Jews?

The long journey to the Promised Land

Obituary: Don't wait too long

Falash Mura aid group resumes some services as conflict nears end

Exclusive: Falash Mura enclave threatens Ethiopian aliya cap

7 Days: Kofi Annan (column)

Exclusive: Jewish compound in Addis Ababa may reopen

7 Days: Ivory Journalism (column)

End of Talmud study cycle celebrated by Jews worldwide

Rabbis, papal candidate meet at NY parley

For diligent talmudists, a day to celebrate

A lesson in academic politics

Jewish leaders condemn WJC official

7 Days: Orthodoxy at a crossroads (column)

7 Days: Gates of life (column)

The Boxer

Boxing Jews

Jewish Columbia alumni threaten to stop contributions

Beyond Dogma

Pluralism in practice

Fighting world hunger is no child's play for two young sisters

A Zionist mission to a Pacific island paradise

UN oil-for-food program was 'tainted,' probe finds

Barenboim adds chord to Columbia anti-Zionist tune

Hummus takes Manhattan

7 Days: The voice of the voiceless (column)

Israeli envoy rapped for skipping Columbia parley on peace process

UN transformed into Shoah memorial

Heartbreaking, hopeful - and surprising

UN commemorates Auschwitz liberation in special session

Cash rewards for shidduch

7 Days: Insider Judaism (column)

UNRWA head to step down

7 Days: US rabbis disengage (column)

Medinol trial date set

Jewish delegation to visit Vatican

Blood feud: Biotech firms go to court

From Woody to cricket at NY Jewish film fest

UN to mark liberation of Nazi camps

7 Days: Jewish tsunami aid (column)

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7 Days: Year in Review (column)

Ignorance about the Holocaust

Two sisters in their 90s make aliyah

American Jewish aid group in Ethiopia accused of denying food to Falash Mura

Identity crisis plagues American Jewish Committee

Non-academic debate

A lesson in academic politics

Embattled WJC calls assembly to rescue credibility

7 Days: Who speaks for the Jews? (column)

Hassidim riot over plaque in Rebbe's 'memory'

Delight as Israel sends aid to Sudan

US splinter group opposes Presbyterian divestment from Israel

US Jewish leaders welcome haredi participation

7 Days: Merry Chanukah (column)

Jewish authors reap awards

Columbia to review anti-Semitism charges

Massachusetts town votes against divestment

Pinkas comments to 'Post' infuriate US Jews

Israel praises Canada for stands at UN

7 Days: Food, glorious food (column)

The day the imams went to shul

US haredi leader urges activism

Pinkas: US Jewish leaders act like 'Elders of Zion'

7 Days: Don't just sit there (column)

Scalia in shul: State must back religion

UN resolution decrying religious intolerance includes anti- Semitism

Kerry supporters still in denial about loss

7 Days: What was missing at the GA? (column)

Presbyterian officials fired for meeting Hizbullah

Shalom: Israel willing to work with new Palestinian leadership

Where are the Jews?

Making sense of US Jewish organizations

UN lowers its flag for Arafat

7 Days: Kiss my tush (column)

US Jewish Left 'in mourning'

Ohio takes center stage

Ohio at forefront of battle

With election too close to call, long lines are story of Election Day

Columbia to check anti-Israel bias charge

Israel's getting its message across effectively, says new NY consul general

In Kerry's pocket (column)

Campaign's a cruise for NY's Jewish senator

Arab press: Jews control US elections

7 Days: Invasive treatment (column)

US churches, Jews dialogue on Israel

US churches pray for Israel

Presidents' Conference drafting statement for disengagement

Nader, ADL chief locked in war of words

Kitchen politics: Debate over candidates heats up in shuls, homes and chat rooms

Record day-school gift in Boston may set example around the country

Helping to find God in everyday life, Jewish 'spiritual directors' catch on

Presbyterians stand by divestment despite dialogue with incensed Jews

For Kerry's Jewish brother, pickle choice is order of day

Bronfman to stay, others go as rift at WJC leads to action

Stationed abroad, Jewish GIs given a chance to serve country - and God

Some Jews fleeing hurricane find holiday refuge elsewhere

Fearing Ivan's wrath, synagogues in south canceling holiday services

Israelis detained on Sept. 11 file suit against Ashcroft, FBI

As rift at World Jewish Congress goes public, organization could suffer

Speaking words of wisdom, rabbis hone in on their holiday messages

Passion, preservation and passivity: American Jewish life in the past year

As he leaves, UJC, Hoffman says centralized effort key to success

Celebrities popularize Kabbalah, but serious interest also on the rise

Trying to find new blood, educators realize the profession is a hard sell

For female rabbis, search for mate seems like wandering through desert

20 years after Conservatives began ordaining women, inequity continues

Slave labor fund from Germany makes final payments to survivors

Claims Conference meeting results in plan for centralizing restitution

New KosherLamp sheds light on a familiar Sabbath dilemma

Ruling on 'idolatrous' wig hair creates frenzy in Orthodox world

Indian rabbi follows his dream, and it leads him right back home

What's on OU's menu tonight? Quail, bison, cow udder, locust

With his eye on Jewish unity, disco rabbi wins Jewish prize

Wearing concentration camp garb to protest 'Passion' upsets some Jews

Claims Conf. grants questioned as new allocations raise eyebrows

The Claims Conference club: 24 members oversee billions

With money from Jewish assets, claims group allocates carefully

Claims group manages billions

Victims of Nazi medical experiments get symbolic justice in form of $5,400

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The businessman mayor

Worrying, networking and strategizing at Orthodox matchmaking conference

Chabad's model of outreach gains favor among fervently Orthodox

The sound and the fury

In rare Jewish appearance, George Soros says Jews and Israel cause anti-Semitism

Remembering Rabin

Whitefish salad and bison beef at annual kosher food trade show

Progress on Falash Mura seen closer as advocates and Israeli officials meet

A journalist and a Jew

New charity rankings confirm that Israel crisis bolsters Jewish giving

Festival of Water Drawers draws large crowds in Brooklyn

Empowering Outage

Total Recall: The California Election Brouhaha

Ethiopian-Israeli kids turn to music as a way of staying off mean streets

Families of missing teens in Israel pray for their speedy return to U.S.

Teach Arabic to Israeli cops requires its own kind of policing

Orthodox and Gay: Conversations outside of the closet

In Iraq visit, Jewish officials find perils remain for Baghdad's Jews

Suing for Justice: Victims Take the War on Terrorism to the Courtroom

Rabbis on the Defense

Suing Iraq: What will happen to US lawsuits against Iraq now that the war is over?

Policing the Hasidim

Single, Successful and Solitary

French Jews Brace for More Violence

French Jews on the Front Lines

New shul or bust

Singer Packs Seniors With Old School Hits

The frum farm

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The Longest Search

NJPS 2000-01: A Lost Cause?

Maine-stream community

This Ain't Your Bubbie's Cooking

Bowl-a-thon raises thousands for Israeli terror victims

The Ethics of War: Jewish ethicists and rabbis debate a preemptive attack against Iraq

The unorthodox Hasidim

Argentina: A Crisis-Stricken Community Struggles to Survive

Argentina in Crisis: Penury beckons for a once-wealthy community

Passover Rescue: Rabbis' mission delivers food to impoverished Argentine Jews

Murder on the Brooklyn Bridge

Jews, Blacks and Common Cause

Mission Impossible: 'Normal Life' on the Lebanon Border

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Putting Down Roots

Fighting spirit

Thousands rally for state inquiry into Bar-On Affair

At Memory's Center

The military's maestro

A passion for teaching

Chaim Herzog, soldier and statesman

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